What is it? Answers 163

Thursday, March 29, 2007

940. Book holder, patent number 122957:

941. These are part of a fire training facility, and are used to give firefighters live burn, search and rescue, and ladder operation training.

The 2-story burn structure has two specially designed burn rooms that allow firefighters to safely get a feel for being in a burning structure. The roof has two different pitches to allow firefighters to become familiar with safely working on different types of roofs. Firefighters can work from a roof ladder while cutting ventilation holes using power saws or axes. After each exercise the plywood and shingles are replaced.

The adjacent four-story tower is used for several purposes, features include:

-Built-in PVC piping that facilitates the distribution of artificial
smoke throughout the building for exercises such as search and rescue.

-Anchor points rated for 10,000 pounds each are on the flat roof and can be used for rope rescue training. Firefighters can now use the aerials or ground ladders for training scenarios.

This site has a virtual tour of the inside of a similar facility.

942. Adjustable length saw-toothed fireplace trammel, suspended over a fireplace with a cooking pot hung from the hook:

943. Pool cue trimmer, used to flatten the end so a tip can be glued to it.

944. Knife sharpener

945. Multi-claw hammer or jack hammer, for pulling long nails, patent number 2239719, removes nails without bending them.

The multi-claw hammer has the advantage of being less heavy than the double claw hammer seen below, which is also for use with long nails.

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